Contractor Policy





****All items are mandatory and must be on record at a CPMMI office PRIOR TO COMMENCEMENT OF WORK OR ANY PAYMENT FROM CPMMI****


Copy of personal identification

Hawaii State DCCA Certificate of Good Standing (for a corporation)

Active and current State of Hawai’i contractor’s license

Current certificate or proof of insurance (different levels of coverage may be required)

Active and current mailing address

FEIN number (or Social Security number for sole proprietor)

W-9 Federal Tax Document

CPMMI Independent Contractor Agreement


It is the responsibility of the vendor/contractor to insure that these items are furnished and on record at one of the three CPMMI business offices on Maui.

It is against the business policy of Commercial Properties of Maui Management, Inc. to utilize a vendor/contractor that is unlicensed, uninsured, or who has not provided the full information requested above.

Be advised: Commercial Properties of Maui Management, Inc. processes invoices THREE TIMES MONTHLY; on the 1st, the 10th and the 30th. Please plan ahead and schedule submittal of all invoices and billing documents accordingly (must be received by CPMMI at least 3 days in advance for proper processing). Invoices will be processed and checks will be issued on this schedule ONLY. Invoices received after the cut-off date for the current period will be processed in the next scheduled interval. Thank you for understanding.



Corp 2/2013